If you are looking to lose weight, and you want to make sure that you do it in a safe and sustainable way, then take a look at these top diets for weight loss. These diets can help you to shed fat while still keeping hold of as much muscle as possible, and therefore not reducing your metabolic rate any more than necessary.


Keto Diet

The keto diet is one of the top diets for weight loss because it is one that is quite easy to follow. With a keto diet, you eat more protein and healthy fats, and fewer carbohydrates. The idea behind keto is that the protein and fat are more fillings than carbs, and keeps your energy levels higher, so you are more likely to be able to get through the day without snacking. Your body will enter a state called ketosis where it will preferentially burn fat for energy, giving you more stable energy levels throughout the day, rather than the spike and crash that you get when you are eating more sugar and starch.

Intermittent Fasting

Another one of the most popular top diets for weight loss is the intermittent fasting diet. With this, you eat your meals in a specific window of time - it could be an eight-hour window between 12 and 8 PM, or it could be that you consume very little for two days a week, and eat more the other five days a week (known as the 5-2 diet). This diet works on the principle that you have a limited amount of willpower and that it's easier to simply forget about food for a time, then eat what you want later - and that you're less likely to over-indulge on calories when you're putting them all in one big meal. This diet can save you time and money and makes it easier to fit things like evening meals out into your calorie allowance.


Weight Watchers

Weight watchers are one of the more well-known diets, and it's quite easy to follow because it's based on a points system. The points system is itself based on calories, just easier to add up than saying "well, this banana has 84 calories in it, and this chocolate bar has 224". Adding up one point here and there is a lot simpler, so people are more likely to follow the diet. Once you have an understanding of what foods are worth a lot of points and what foods are near "free" you can start to build healthy habits around that, and it means that even when you stop tracking points, it will be easier to stick to the diet.

The 2 Week Diet

There are many other diets out there, and they all work similarly, looking at different options for helping you to reduce your calorie intake. If you consume fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. The challenge is doing that in a way that promotes long term weight loss rather than simply having a burst of willpower for a few weeks then going back to old habits. You can't change your body in a matter of days - if it took you years to gain the weight, then it will take the time to lose it, and if you go back to your old habits, you will gain the weight back. So don't try to crash diet. Look for a lifestyle change that will keep you fit and healthy for the long haul. Your body and your mind will both thank you for it.