The HCG Diet plan is a weight loss program that is responsible for triggering or providing a hormone which is said to have the ability to reset metabolism, especially during a very low-calorie diet. However, before using the product daily, it is crucial to make sure that it has been manufactured by a genuine and reliable company. This type of HCG Diet Plan comes with a high-quality assurance as well as money back guarantee if it does not offer the quality as it is promised during the advertisement. But what is official HCG Diet Drops? Well, this is a diet drop brand that depends on HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).


It is wise to note that there is a great confusion of which company that owns the HCG Drops, but the product consists of contact information including the physical address as well as customer support email and phone number to make sure you purchase the right product. Some of the main ingredients of Official HCG Diet Drops includes the real HCG together with Vitamin B12, Natrum phosphate, and magnesium phosphate. In fact, the only inactive ingredient of this Official HCG Diet Drops is colloidal mineral water. This brand usually promotes the fat and liver metabolizer and also the adrenal plus thyroid health improvement.



  • It contains real HCG
  • Bundled with a diet plan
  • Tons of good reviews
  • 90-days money back guarantee



  • Limited information on how it works


The Official HCG Diet Drops can only be bought in bundles. This HCG program is accompanied with incredible benefits such as quick and easy recipes since it does not use an expensive frozen meal. If you want to use this Official HCG Diet plan, it is recommended that you follow the following three basic steps:


  • While applying the HCG Drops, begin with two days of heavy meals.
  • Continue taking the HCG drops on a natural food schedule.
  • Begin your new, incredible and joyful life by maintaining a reasonable diet that fits your lifestyle.


The Official HCG Diet Drops can assist in weight loss. This is because it is strictly advised to follow a low-calorie dieting regime. However, if you use the Official HCG Diet Plan, without following the required dieting protocol, there is a small chance of weight loss success. Before applying this diet drops, it is wise to consult your physician for further professional medical advice. It is also good to point out that dramatic weight loss is experienced, in particular by those people who strictly follow complete instruction, but any guarantee of weight loss for any individual is not promised.